Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

What is a vibrating sample magnetometer used for?

VSM can prepare High and Low Temperature Device separately.

Main Specifications of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer



Components of DX Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

The electromagnet is of the type of adjustable Double-conjugated or fixed Gap. It will be placed with a 45-degree angle ground. There are several configurations as the following :


At high and low temperature the strength in the center of the magnetic field

Magnetic pole distance: 


The manner of cooling



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool with water



Cool by itself



Cool by itself

2. Steady Flow Power

The power is the automatic conversion DC Power which is of high stability, steady voltage and steady flow. The scope of the power
is from 2 to 30KW. In the state of the steady flow, the current that Steady Flow outputs are continuously adjustable in the rated scope.



Main features

  The rated output voltage: the rated output power from 0 to 12.0KW;
Protection: Lack of item protection, Overflow protection and Automatic short-circuit protection.



  Power output is for the steady flow: the scope of the current value is from 0 - rated continuous-tuning;
Display mode: The ampere meter is Four-semi-LED Digital;
The accuracy of Current instructions: ±(1% + 2 words);
When the load is the electromagnet, and the output current is more than half the maximum current, the current stability of the power outputs is better than 5 × 10⁻⁴;
Time for work: work for uninterrupted 8 hours. (Environmental temperature 20 ± 5℃);
Input voltage: AC380V±10%;
Input frequency: 50Hz.

3. Vibrating System

It includes Vibrating head, Vibrating frame, sample room and the detection coils.

4. Magnetic measurement unit

 The scope is among “300emu”、 “150emu” 、“80emu” 、“40emu”、“30emu” 、“15emu” 、“8emu”、“4emu”、“3emu”、“1.5emu”、“800memu”、“400memu”、“300memu”、“150memu”、“80memu”、“40memu”、“30memu” and “15memu”.We can change it among the figures.
There are several scopes of the strength of the magnetic field. 0.5kOe”、“1kOe”、“2kOe”、“4kOe”、“8kOe”、“16kOe” and “32 kOe” . It can be shown through the Four semi-LED digital control. The resolution is 0.1mT. The relative accuracy is superior by ±1%.
The output power of the Vibrating source is 185Hz. Frequency stability is superior 10-5. The output power is more than 50W.

5. Computer and printer

6. High temperature furnace and Temperature Control Device

The heating power is 100W, The scope of the furnace temperature is from room temperature to 900 ℃.

It is shown through Four semi-LED digital control. The resolution is 0.1 ℃.

7. Hypothermia Dewar and Temperature Control Device

The control scope of the temperature of the Samples room is between 77K to 373K.

It is shown through Four semi-LED digital control. The resolution is 0.1K.

8. Measurement software system

The system software directly sets the system parameters and displays the data intuitively;

The data is directly stored in the computer, which is convenient for subsequent processing, and Excel and Origin can be used to directly process the data;

Various measured curves and characteristic parameters can be displayed on the computer screen. The software can arbitrarily select the data, partially zoom in, translate, smooth the curve, and output and print on the laser printer; it can also be used by other Processing on general-purpose drawing software;

It can automatically measure the magnetization curve, hysteresis loop, fast MH loop, heating curve, cooling curve, temperature rising curve, temperature control curve, magnetization curve, hysteresis loop, fast MH loop at the set temperature, And the background curve; can automatically convert the VSM open circuit sample magnetic characteristic curve into the material itself (and closed circuit sample) magnetic measurement curve;

The software can calculate the curve parameters (saturation magnetic moment/saturation magnetization, residual magnetic moment/remanent magnetization, coercive force, intrinsic coercive force, square coefficient, magnetic energy product, loop area, Curie temperature).

What is the principle of VSM measurement?

Testable materials for VSM Magnetometer

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

9. Video of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

A vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) (also named M-H Curve Hysteresis Graph Test System) is a scientific instrument that measures the magnetic properties (such as magnetization curves, hysteresis loops, demagnetization curves, temperature rise/fall curves) of materials based on Faraday's Law of Induction. 

Thus, various corresponding magnetic parameters such as saturation magnetization, remnant magnetization, coercive force, magnetic energy product, Curie temperature, magnetic permeability, etc. are obtained.

A sample is first placed in a constant magnetic field (mounted on the sample holder and placed between the electromagnet poles) and if the sample is magnetic it will align its magnetization with the external field. The magnetic dipole moment of the sample creates a magnetic field that changes as a function of time as the sample is moved up and down. This is typically done through the use of a piezoelectric material. The alternating magnetic field induces an electric field in the pickup coils of the VSM. The current is proportional to the magnetization of the sample - the greater the induced current, the greater the magnetization. As a result, the Hysteresis loops of the materials, Magnetization curve, Warming Curve, Cooling curve and the changes in the temperature as time goes away will be recorded, then from there the saturated strength of the magnetization, the left strength of the magnetization, Coercive force, the Max of Magnetic energy product, the Curie temperature and the Magnetic conductivity(the Initial Magnetic conductivity is included ) of the sample can be deduced.

  ▹ Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Ferrimagnetic, Antiferromagnetic materials and Anisotropic materials;
  ▹ Particulate and continuous magnetic recording materials and GMR, CMR, exchange biased and spin-valve materials;
  ▹ Magnetic-optical materials;
  ▹ Bulk materials, powders, thin films, single crystals, and liquids are readily accommodated.

  Measure the scope of the magnetic moment: 10⁻²emu - 300emu (Sensitivity:5×10⁻⁵emu).
Relative accuracy (30emu ): better than ±1%.
Repeatability (30emu): better than ±1%.

  Stability (30emu): Preheating 24 hours, 24 hours of continuous work superior ±1%.

  Temperature range: from -196℃ to 900℃.
The magnetic Pole pitch for a fixed spacing is 35 mm, and the pole face diameter is 60 mm.
Magnetic field: supplied by the electromagnet, from 0 to 3.8T.

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