A solenoid is a type of electromagnet formed by a helical coil of wire whose length is substantially greater than its diameter, which generates a controlled magnetic field. The coil can produce a uniform magnetic field in a volume of space when an electric current is passed through it. 


The solenoid has the characteristics of good uniformity, small size, and a high magnetic field. It can generate AC and DC magnetic fields, and the current has a good linear relationship with the magnetic field.  It is widely used in materials, electronics, biology, medicine, aerospace, chemistry, applied physics, and other disciplines.

Because of its uniform axial magnetic field, the solenoid is suitable for relatively narrow and long samples. Under this premise, compared with the coil, the magnetic field can be made higher and the volume can be smaller.
It is suitable for various research institutes, colleges and universities, and enterprises to do material magnetism or detection experiments.


Generating AC magnetic fields with solenoids has a great advantage over Helmholtz coils in that it has a compact size and a small inductance, making it easy to generate high-frequency magnetic fields.

Continuous pulse magnetic field and AC magnetic field are similar in design. In recent years, the application of continuous pulsed magnetic fields gradually increased, Dexinmag company has completed many cases, praised by users.

AC Solenoid Impulse Solenoid

No magnetic moment solenoid


The non-magnetic moment solenoid is composed of two sets of solenoids nested in a nested manner, and through a certain number of coil turns of each group of coils and a certain current direction, the magnetic field outside the solenoid is rapidly attenuated. The total magnetic moment of the tube coil is zero. 
Its main features and advantages are: it will not produce magnetic interference to the environment outside a certain distance, and will not magnetize the magnetic material near to it; it is particularly prominent in the use of a magnetic shielding cylinder, it can magnetic shield layer and coil magnetic field. The mutual influence is reduced to negligible levels.

Highly Uniform Solenoids



Highly uniform solenoids are a way to increase uniformity over conventional solenoids. It is possible to improve the uniformity of the solenoid by winding multiple winding and winding combinations; The size of the solenoid is smaller than that of the ordinary solenoid, and its uniformity is higher, which effectively reduces the total length of the solenoid, especially the measurement of longer sample; It is more convenient to use, more widely used.

High uniformity solenoid is usually customized according to user requirements, we can customize the uniform magnetic field of various applications according to the needs of users.

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Main applications:

Produces a standard magnetic field,
Judgment of magnetic shielding effect,
Electromagnetic Interference Simulation Experiment
Calibration of Hall probes and various magnetometers,
The study of biomagnetic fields and the study of the magnetic properties of matter,
Charging and demagnetization of magnetic materials,
Can also be used as an electromagnet or inductor.

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