Superconducting Magnet


Superconducting magnets for accelerators


Dexinmag company has successively provided ECR superconducting ion source magnets, superconducting dipole magnets (Helmholtz and oblique solenoid type) and linear accelerator focusing Leading solenoids, and at the same time provided focusing superconducting drop-line magnets and superconducting dipole magnets for the Rare Isotope Beam Facility (FRIB) in the United States.


Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source


It is the most effective device to generate a stable and intense beam of multi-charged ions.

Xiamen dexing Magnetic Tech Co., Ltd. has completed the first electron cyclotron resonance ion source magnet in my country, which has excellent performance and filled the domestic gap.

Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source


ADS Superconducting Magnet


ADS Superconducting Magnet

Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System ADS (Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System) has very broad prospects in dealing with nuclear waste and improving fuel utilization.

Our company produced and delivered dozens of focused superconducting magnets for nuclear waste treatment, and realized the standardization of mass production of ADS magnets by controlling product quality, product appearance treatment, packaging and other links;

At present, the manufacture of nearly 20 magnets has been completed, and it will enter the batch preparation stage in 2021-2022.




High Temperature Superconducting Magnet


In recent years, with the development of high-temperature superconducting materials, high-temperature superconducting magnets have gradually entered people's field of vision. Due to its unique operating temperature (77K in the liquid nitrogen zone) and the relatively cheap advantages of liquid nitrogen, high-temperature superconducting magnets have become a magnet for scientific research institutes of various enterprises. research hotspots;

Our company has completed the research and development of high-temperature superconducting magnets for superconducting current limiters with the world's largest voltage level (500KV). ;

The successful completion of the project indicates that the company has fully mastered the processing of the first-generation and second-generation high-temperature superconducting coils, and has accumulated experience for the development of other high-temperature superconducting products.


High Temperature Superconducting Magnet



High Temperature Superconducting Magnets For Induction Heating


The limitations of the existing AC induction heating technology: skin effect, resulting in a small heat penetration depth of the heated metal rod, low heating uniformity, and low heating efficiency;

The superconducting induction heating technology generates a background magnetic field through a superconducting magnet, establishes a DC air gap magnetic field in the heating area, and the billet is heated by rotating and cutting the magnetic force line to generate eddy currents;

In this way, a heating method with high penetration depth, high energy efficiency, high heating uniformity, and controllable temperature gradient can be realized, which can ensure the high added value of the quality of the processed workpiece.


High Temperature Superconducting Magnets For Induction Heating



High Temperature Superconducting Magnets For Plasma Propulsion


Our company introduces superconducting technology into the research of magnetic confinement plasma propulsion and develops the superconducting magnet system required by the device.

The magnetic confinement plasma thruster is a new type of rocket, which is derived from the principle of the magnetic mirror of the magnetic confinement device;

Compared with chemical rockets, it has large specific impulse, adjustable thrust, high carrying efficiency, and is suitable for deep space exploration.

The superconducting magnet system plays a key role in the generation, heating and nozzle of plasma, and its research will play a certain role in promoting the development of magnetically confined plasma thrusters.

The Dexinmag company masters the core technology of superconducting magnets and ultra-low temperature, and has unique technical expertise and rich engineering experience in design and manufacturing; Our products are widely used in many fields such as military industry, medical care, scientific instruments, semiconductors, and large-scale scientific engineering.
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