Programmable Current Source

The precision current source is a wide spectrum, high-precision DC steady-current power supply, which has the advantages of fast response, high precision constant current, long-term stable operation, and is suitable for various types of loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive).
Since the current of the current source is fixed, the current source cannot be disconnected. When the current source is connected in series with a resistor, its effect on the external circuit is the same as that of a single current source. In addition, a current source and a voltage source can be equivalently converted, and a current source connected in parallel with a resistor can be equivalent to a voltage source connected in series with a resistor.

DXF series current sources







Output Voltage





Load DC resistance range
DX - F2000 ±55 mA 1 μA 0 - 20.5V >1W 500MΩ  
DX - F2002 ±105 mA  1 uA 0 - 105V >10W >500MΩ  
DX - F2005 ±1200 mA 10 uA 0 - 40V >48W >100MΩ  
DX-F2030 ±10 A 1 mA 0 - 100V 1000W 1MΩ 0 - 10Ω
DX - F2031 ±5 A 0.1 mA 0 - 60V 300W 300kΩ 5 - 12Ω
DX - F2035 ±10 A 1 mA 0 - 170V 1700W 1MΩ 13 - 17Ω
DX - F2070 ±65 A 1 mA 0 - 120V 7800W 1MΩ 1.25 - 1.85Ω
DX - F2071 ±33 A 1 mA 0 - 120V 3840W 1MΩ 2.5 - 3.75Ω

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