Magnetic Field Distribution Measuring Instrument

DX-2012R surface magnetic field distribution measuring instrument is a magnetic field mapper independently developed by Dexinmag company; It is an indispensable tool for the correct evaluation of magnet magnetization accuracy and quality inspection of magnetic rings.

The magnetic field mapper can provide test reports such as XY coordinates, P polar coordinates, 3D magnetic field distribution and relative fundamental wave harmonic analysis, etc., to meet the quality inspection of permanent magnets, permanent magnet motor stators or rotors, DC magnetic field coils, and electromagnets.
This 3 axis magnetic field mapping equipment can be equipped with a variety of test fixtures (such as three-dimensional test probes, rotating platforms or loading platforms). With a high concentricity design and high precision level of probe return. 

The scanning space of the product is 800mm*800mm*800mm.

Product name





Two-dimensional analysis

Rectangular coordinate display

Polar coordinate display

Axial 3D distribution

Oblique charging test


With one-dimensional plane description



Three-dimensional magnetic field description




The space magnetic field distribution measuring instrument is mainly composed of an industrial computer (measurement software), motion control system and data acquisition system.
First, the test command is sent through the industrial control computer to control the motion control system to complete the set motion trajectory, and simultaneously control the work of the data acquisition system. The data acquisition system collects data in the X, Y, and Z directions through the Hall sensor, and then transmits the data to the industrial control system. The computer performs data processing and finally obtains a three-dimensional magnetic field distribution map.

Technical parameters of stepper motor drive




X axis

Y axis

Z axis

Displacement distance




Step resolution




Uncertainty of return




Maximum speed




Power supply

12V ~40VDC



Output current

Peak 2.6A/phase (Max)

Drive mode

Space vector bipolar constant current drive

Excitation method

Sixteen subdivision modes are available

Insulation resistance

Under normal temperature and pressure>100MΩ

Insulation strength

0.5KV under normal temperature and pressure, 1Min

Table diameter


Transmission ratio


Resolution (8 subdivisions)


Repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum speed


Stepper motor

2 phase

Maximum static torque


Maximum center load


Features of Magnetic Field Distribution Measuring Instrument


1. Three-axis electric control mobile platform, aluminum alloy material processing, shape and size can be customized; 
2. The return precision of the stepper motor drive can reach ±0.01mm, and the step resolution can reach 0.01mm;
3. Taiwan three-jaw chuck, the concentricity is better than 0.05mm,
4. Rotation angle resolution: 0.01°, return uncertainty: ±0.005°;
5. Test speed 30-60 seconds/week (locked);
6. Data collection is divided into 0.2k/0.4k/1k/2k/4k/10k/20kGs seven automatic ranges;
7. Accuracy 1.0%, repeatability 0.3%;
8. The resolution corresponds to 1.0% of the full scale of each file (below 400Gs, 0.1Gs is valid);
9. Equipped with a standard magnetic field, magnetic field 1000Gs±5Gs, calibration accuracy 0.5%, used for magnetic field calibration.

 Multi-pole magnetic ring surface magnetic distribution rectangular coordinate map 

Polar coordinate diagram of magnetic distribution of multi-pole magnetic ring surface

Multi-pole magnetic ring meter magnetic distribution harmonic analysis graph

Multi-pole magnetic ring surface magnetic distribution 3D expanded mesh map

Multi-pole magnetic ring oblique charging 3D grid map (top view)

3D grid map of multi-pole magnetic ring surface magnetic distribution

Analysis diagram of oblique charging of multi-pole magnetic ring

3D grid map of square magnet surface magnetic distribution

3D grid diagram of space magnetic field of electromagnet

Test Interface of Software

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