Hard Metal Magnetometer

DX-9700HC Magnetometer independently developed by Dexinmag company is the latest technology for measuring the magnetic properties of cemented carbides (WC in Co matrix) and semi-hard magnetic materials. 

The DX-9700HC magnetometer provides accurate magnetic parameters to evaluate other correlated properties; for example hardness or the presence of undesired phases. This revolutionary measuring equipment utilizes a technique that provides the fastest, repeatable and accurate measurements available on the market today. 

The DX-9700HC magnetometer meets the International Standards IEC 60404-4 and ASTM A596.

Standard configuration

◆ The main box is equipped with a fluxmeter, Gauss meter, DC power supply or polarity control unit.
◆ Electromagnet
◆ Hall probe
◆ Sensor assembled with a sample clip
◆ Computer

Measurable material

Semi-hard magnetic and hard alloy


Measured parameters

Msat, Hcj , Jsat σsat


Magnetic field

Measurement accuracy

Gauss meter: 0.25% reading + 0.1% range

Probe: 0.5% (linearity)

Resolution ratio

0.1Gs (200Gs range), 1 Gs(2000 Gs range)


Measurement accuracy

+ 2% for Hc>500 A/m


Measurement accuracy

+ 2% on reading

Resolution ratio:

10⁻⁴ μWbm (10-10 Tm³, 10⁻¹ emu)

The maximum sample size can be measured

With coil 9700 HC-1

Φ70 x H 25mm

Pole head size

Shrinking polar head 110mm

The maximum magnetic field of electromagnet

With HC-110 mm pole

10000 Gs 20mm air gap

Measuring time

1 minute (standard)

Using temperature range

10° C to 35° C

Communication interface

RS-232 /USB2

Digital flux meter


2.5,5,10,20 mWb

Resolution ratio

From 1 μWb (range 2.5) to 10 μWb (range 20)



Input impedance

10k Ω x range

Communication interface



Maximum pole head diameter

140 mm to 110mm

Pole pitch adjustment

manual operation

Polar distance gap display resolution



330 x 410 x 491 mm


160 kg (approx.)

Magnetic properties of cemented carbide:

Cemented carbide is a composite material composed of tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (CO). The addition of cobalt gives the final alloy both an excellent hardness degree and good toughness. The percentage of cobalt by weight in an alloy usually ranges from 3 to 30%.


Magnetic properties of cemented carbide are measured as metallurgical the process provides useful information: the magnetic moment provides direct information on the amount of unalloyed cobalt in the non-magnetic phase. So we have DX-9700HC, and now the quality of metallurgical bonding and the eventual appearance of undesired phases can be assessed. Coercivity HCJ data provide an indication of grain size: the higher the HCJ reading, the finer the grain size.

DX-9700HC Hard Metal Magnetometer

The measurement coil has an embedded sensor and a slot to insert a Hall probe, and the sample is placed in the sample jig and placed into the measuring coil. The fixture size will be customized according to the customer measurement sample size.

Materials: AINiCo

Diameter: 20 mm; Height: 10 mm

Pole head size: Dia.110mm

Instrument Software


Our proprietary 9700SW software automatically manages the DX-9700HC magnetometer measurements, including the comparison of different curves and statistical analysis. The software ensures that the measurement process is precise and absolute, guiding the operator to correctly set the sample parameters.
The automated assistant notifies the operator and makes recommendations for appropriate steps or settings.
The software also provides automatic creation of printed reports, a database search feature and curve comparison.

Test report

Customize the report

Parameter Setting