Hall Probe

The Hall Probes - ultrathin and miniature hall sensors (transverse, axial, two-dimensional, three-dimensional) produced by Dexinmag company have an ultra-wide magnetic field measurement range of 0.1uT-30T, and the linearity is as high as 0.01%.
The Hall probe has the advantages of small package size, good magnetic linearity, good consistency, small temperature drift, etc., and its parameters have reached the world's leading level.

Transverse sensors are usually thin rectangular and are mainly used for the measurement of magnetic circuit gaps, surfaces and general open magnetic fields.
Axial sensors are usually cylindrical and are mainly used for the measurement of the center hole of ring magnets, inside solenoids and general magnetic fields.


The length of probe can be customized; the array probe can be customized
Can add a temperature sensor inside the probe
Combination display probe

Probe Catalog Download

Axial Probe (.PDF 583KB)
3D Hall Probe (.PDF 333KB)
2D Hall Probe (.PDF 548KB)

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