1. Establish the time of the company?

Dexing Magnet is located in the city of Xiamen, China is a beautiful peninsula also an international port, the factory is in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, China was founded in 1985, the former identity is a military factory, research and development of the communications part, this facility was later acquired by Dexing Group in 1995.


2. What kind of qualifications do you have?

The company has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification and has become the audited supplier of SGS.


3. How about the quality of the instrument products?

The company has its own R & D and production base, products before leaving the factory are calibrated by the central laboratory professionals, to ensure the accuracy and authority of the test results.


4. How long will it take from when you place an order to the delivery time?

After placing an order, we will ship the goods within 5 to 15 days depending on the product type.


5. When will we receive a reply to our inquiry?

We usually quote within 12 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you need the price urgently, please let us know by email so that we can give priority to your question.


6. What are your terms of delivery?

You can choose the most convenient or cheapest mode of transportation.


7. Do you support custom services?

Yes, the factory is located in No.96 Huli Garden, Industrial Concentration Zone, Tong 'a District, Xiamen City. Customized services can be provided, according to customer needs to design product size.


8. The temperature reading of the sample is incorrect or not displayed.

First, observe what prompts are on the surface of the temperature controller, and observe whether the sensor type, curve and channel wiring Settings of the temperature controller are correct.


9 What should we do when the leakage rheology of the high-resistance sample is large?

Check the parameter Settings, whether they have been changed, and clean the triaxial connector and sample holder with alcohol.


10 Electrically cooled thermostats check those components and parameters before the system cools down.

Check whether the vacuum degree of the system reaches 3X10-4TOOR, check whether the circulating water has refrigeration function, check whether the readings of each temperature channel are correct, check whether the static pressure readings of the pressure gauge on the compressor and the positions of each switch are correct.


11 Precautions for Hall effect system measurement?

When changing the distance between the solenoid, for safety to ensure that the solenoid has no external magnetic field, remove the Gaussian meter probe. Electromagnet spacing must be adjusted after the electromagnet pole, and lock the handle.