Laboratory Electromagnet

Laboratory Electromagnet is a closed magnetic circuit, composed of the coil, yoke, iron core (pole), and pole head. 
Energized electrically conductive winding (coil) can generate a magnetic field, the internally arranged irregular ferromagnetic metal atoms of the iron core (pole) rearrange regularly with the action of the external coil's magnetic field, together point in one direction, thereby these ferromagnetic metal atoms are magnetized to increase the magnetic flux so that a considerable amount of the magnetic flux Φ is produced during the iron core, the yoke, and the air gap. When the control power supply current is changed, the controllable high magnetic field is formed between the air gap of two poles.

Lab electromagnet applies to Hall effect studies, magnetoresistance effect studies, magnetostriction studies, torque magnetometer, force method magnetometer, VSM, etc..

Multi-pole electromagnet has four poles, five poles, six poles, eight poles electromagnet iron; Mainly used in multi-polar magnetizing magnetization, radial gradient magnetic field, magnetic guidance of rotating magnetic field, etc .; Designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements.

DXDJ Multipole Electromagnet

Clamp-type electromagnet bipolar protruding wire package outside, shape, such as clamp, usually used to produce in-plane magnetic field, suitable for microscope, probe station, space limited, magneto-optical experiments, magnetic mineral powder screening and other special use environment. Clamp-type electromagnets are mostly customized, and they can be designed according to the user's requirements

Rotating magnets, the magnetic field can be rotated 360° around the axis of rotation, can be equipped with a stepper motor to accurately control the rotation of the magnet, arbitrarily set the rotation angle, programmable control forward rotation and travel time. The controller's angular resolution is 0.01 degrees, the mechanical step angle is 0.1 degrees, and the repeatability is 0.05 degrees.

DXXZ Rotating Electromagnet

We can be based on user requirements designed to produce all kinds of special-shaped, special purpose electromagnet. Can be based on different use, different experimental requirements, different working environment, and with different equipment supporting the design of the assembly; can make the magnet to maintain the highest possible magnetic field, to achieve the greatest deformation.

DXDY Shaped Electromagnet

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