A cryostat (from cryo meaning cold and stat meaning stable) is a device used to maintain low cryogenic temperatures of samples or devices mounted within the cryostat. Low temperatures may be maintained within a cryostat by using various refrigeration methods.

Cryostasts include Closed-cycle Cryostat and Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat.

Closed-cycle Cryostat

The closed-cycle cryostat provided by Dexing Magnet is a variable-temperature cryogenic platform based on SHI 4K chiller in Japan, which is used for magnetic, optical and electrical measurements in low-temperature environments. Users can choose to match or special order, introduce optical window, special bench, special length, etc., combine with the user's experimental system, complete magneto-optic, photoelectric, optical reflection, light transmission, fluorescence and magnetoresistance experiments.
Main features: high cost-effective, compact structure, no consumption of refrigerants, strong expansibility.

Performance and Characteristic


1. Without the need to consume liquid helium, it is easy to achieve a low-temperature environment of 4K.
2. The sample has an ideal stable environment in a vacuum.
3. There are a variety of options for cooling power, which can be used to cool large-size samples.
4. Compact structure, convenient movement, simple operation.
5. The optical sample holder can install the sample quickly. The electrical sample holder has a beautiful and easy-to-use wiring terminal.
6. A variety of options can meet the measurement needs of different experiments.

Specifications and Parameters



DX 101D

DX 101D-4W

DX 305D

DX 305D-4W

DX 408D2

DX 408D2-4W

Temperature Range

5K ~ 325K   

4.5K ~ 325K

4K ~ 325K

Sample Environment


Cold Head Model  




Compressor Model


(air cooling)


(air cooling)


(water cooling)

First Stage Cooling Capacity

3.0W @ 60K (50Hz)

15W @ 40K (50Hz)

40W @ 43K (50Hz)

Second Stage Cooling Capacity

0.1W @ 4.2K (50Hz)

0.4W @ 4.2K (50Hz)

1.0W @ 4.2K (50Hz)

Cooling Time from Room Temperature to 4.2 K




Optical Window







Sample Holder Size (W * L)

15 * 25 mm

30 * 35 mm

20 * 30 mm

40 * 45 mm

30 * 35 mm

60 * 50 mm

Sample Base Wiring Terminal







Electrical Joint

10 core vacuum

Thermometers and Heaters

Silicon diode, 50W

Required Vacuum

Less than 1Pa

Power Supply

Single phase, 220V, 50Hz

Three phase, 380V, 50Hz

Three phase, 380V, 50Hz

Power Consumption

1.2 ~ 1.3kW @ 50Hz

3.8 ~ 4.6 kW @ 50 Hz

6 5 ~ 7.2 kW @ 50 Hz

Ambient Temperature



Dimension of Compressor (length * width * height)

610 * 390 * 450mm

901 * 520 * 520mm

591 * 450 * 588mm

Weight of Compressor



120 kg

Weight of Cold Head




Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

The liquid nitrogen thermostat developed by Dexing Magnet is a low temperature thermostat based on steady-state bubble principle. Liquid nitrogen contains in the liquid nitrogen tank. By adjusting the cone air plug clearance and changing the boiling condition of the gas-liquid interface, the heat leakage of the constant temperature block is approximately stabilized at a certain value. Then the heating power can be adjusted by the temperature control instrument to make the sample seat change the temperature between 80K-500K rapidly and balance exactly on the set temperature.

Performance and characteristics of liquid nitrogen thermostat:

1. Wide temperature range (80K ~ 500K), high efficiency and fast cooling speed;
2. The sample has an ideal stable environment in vacuum;
3. a low-temperature adsorbent is arranged in the vacuum interlayer, so that the vacuum can be kept for a long time, and the use time of the liquid nitrogen is prolonged;
4. Selection of PT100 Platinum Resistor with good Stability and repeatability for temperature Sensor;
5. A variety of options to meet different test requirement;
6. Convenient use, perfusion and secondary injection of liquid nitrogen; no need for equipment such as pumps and compressors, saving laboratory space, continuous operation of the system without maintenance;
7. The optical sample holder can install the sample quickly. The electrical sample holder has beautiful and easy-to-use wiring terminal;
8. Different sizes, different requirements of liquid nitrogen thermostat can be designed according to customer requirements. (optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal experiments).

Sample Chamber of Cryostat

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